About Us

About Us

Rosen LevelUp, a division of Rosen Publishing and Rosen Classroom, is the new digital classroom platform that serves students PreK to 3. Rosen Publishing is an independent educational publishing house that was established in 1950 to serve the needs of students with high-interest, curriculum-correlated materials. With years of successful independent publishing in the school and library space, Rosen has since branched out to provide solutions from Rosen Classroom.
Rosen Classroom’s commitment to delivering the most up-to-date and relevant resources to students and educators has initiated our technological expansion in the classroom. Our publications live in numerous formats: Print, ebooks, Interactive ebooks, Subscription Databases, and now two Digital Classroom tools.
Rosen Classroom specializes in:
  1. Online resources and instructional materials
  1. Standards-based, nonfiction leveled readers
  1. Differentiated instruction
  1. Explicit instructional materials
  1. Effective, flexible professional development
Whether our titles are read in paperback or library bound edition, whether accessed on a tablet or a smartphone, if the information provided can help one young person effectively negotiate an issue in their life, then we at Rosen will have done our job to fulfill in the twenty-first century one of our mandates established in the twentieth.
With a strong emphasis on phonics and gamification, Rosen LevelUp brings educators and students to one robust adaptive reading platform to foster students’ literacy growth. Supporting individualized practice, small group instruction, and whole class instruction, Rosen LevelUp provides a personalized experience—combined with educator tools—to promote and track the successful acquisition of key reading skills with high-interest, engaging fiction and nonfiction titles.

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