LevelUp Land

LevelUp Land

LevelUp Land is an immersive gaming environment available to students. 

With every assessment, book, or quiz completed, students earn credits:
  1. completing an in-take or progress monitoring assessment: 25 credits
  2. completing a book (self-selected): 5 credits
  3. completing a book (assigned by teacher): 10 credits
  4. completing a quiz: 5 credits + 1 credit for each correct answer + 1 credit for attempting a constructed response item
In LevelUp Land, these credits can be used to buy dozens of characters, objects, and vehicles. Students are free to wander and explore the 3D environment, populating it with their purchased items in order to build a personalized world. Items are animated, including life-like animal characters that walk, crawl, and scamper through the environment.

Students can switch between an array of worlds, or "scenes," in LevelUp Land, including an elf town, a Wild West landscape, a stately castle, and a tropical pirate cove. Students can unlock new scenes based on how many cumulative credits they've earned.

Teachers control access to LevelUp Land to ensure it doesn't divert attention from learning. These controls, located under My Classroom, allow teachers to set time limits on gameplay during class hours.

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