My Classroom/Class Roster

My Classroom/Class Roster

How do I individualize the LevelUp experience for my students? See how you can use the LevelUp classroom settings to encourage and challenge students based on their individual abilities and needs.

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    • Roster

      Your roster lists all students in your class along with their current Lexile reading measures. The roster allows you to control settings for each student. Adjust Quiz Frequency to limit how often students are given a comprehension quizzes—from every ...
    • My Classroom

      My Classroom is your student hub in LevelUp. Here, you can monitor your students’ progress and book assignments, grade quizzes, set up groups of students based on reading level, control access to LevelUp Land, customize the bookshelf, and manage ...
    • Setting Up LevelUp for Your PreK Classroom

      What’s the best way to set up LevelUp for your PreK classroom? This video tutorial will get you started.
    • Class Reports

      The main Reports page shows a Lexile distribution chart, top and bottom skills list, and a class activity table. Lexile Distribution is a snapshot of your class's Lexile reading measures. Top and Bottom Skills shows your students' three ...
    • Assessing Reading Level with In-Take and Progress Monitoring Assessments

      When logging into LevelUp for the first time, students complete an in-take assessment. This establishes a starting Lexile reading measure for each learner. Each in-take assessment consists of 25 test items. Assessments are untimed, but an in-take may ...