Promotional Materials

Promotional Materials

Choose from a variety of promotional tools to help connect colleagues, parents, and students to LevelUp. Click an attachment below to open a shareable PDF.

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    • Parent and Student Materials

      Choose from out introductory LevelUp parent letter, available in English and Spanish, and printable student login cards. Click a link below to open a shareable PDF.
    • About Us

      Rosen LevelUp, a division of Rosen Publishing and Rosen Classroom, is the new digital classroom platform that serves students PreK to 3. Rosen Publishing is an independent educational publishing house that was established in 1950 to serve the needs ...
    • Understanding by Design (UbD)

      Background: Understanding by Design (UbD) is intended to be an interconnected, backwards-design approach to planning UNITS of lessons versus discrete independent lessons in and of themselves. That being said, the UbD approach allows a teacher to ...
    • The 5 E's

      Background: Developed in 1987 by the BSCS Science Learning Group, the 5 E’s of science instruction are grounded in historical models of learning by Johann Herbart and John Dewey. They involve five instructional “moves”: engage (accessing learners’ ...
    • Assessing Reading Level with In-Take and Progress Monitoring Assessments

      When logging into LevelUp for the first time, students complete an in-take assessment. This establishes a starting Lexile reading measure for each learner. Each in-take assessment consists of 25 test items. Assessments are untimed, but an in-take may ...