Student Reports

Student Reports

On the main Reports page, scroll to the Class Activity table and click a student's name. This opens a detailed report for the student. 

The Reading Level Progress graph plots the student's scores on intake and progress monitoring assessments over time. 

The Activity During This Period and Time Tracking tables give detailed information on how the student is using LevelUp. Click "See Full Activity Breakdown" under Activity During This Period to open a separate page that lists books viewed by the student, along with essential information on whether the book was completed and how the student performed on the quiz. The full activity breakdown page also includes a table listing assessments completed by the student, from the in-take assessment to progress monitoring assessments.

The Reading Comprehension: Skills and Reading Comprehension: Standards tables detail how the student performed on quizzes. Click a specific skill or standard to see the student's actual quiz results assessing that skill or standard.

Click here for a fact sheet with detailed descriptions of the skills assessed by LevelUp comprehension quizzes.

The Phonics Practice table shows which interactive phonics books have been completed by the student, when, and how long it took. For each phonics book, foundational reading and language standards are shown. These are the standards the student can be assumed to have practiced by completing the book.

At the bottom of a student report, the Running Record Assessments table shows which running records the student has completed, when, and their accuracy and error rates. Click “View Running Record” for an assessment to see its scorecard.

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