Taking the Intake Assessment

Taking the Intake Assessment

The first time you log in to LevelUp, you will see a picture of an owl saying, “It’s Time to Level Up!”

LevelUp student intake assessment notification

Click Let’s Go to see an illustration, a sentence, or a paragraph of text and be asked to answer questions about them. This is your intake assessment. Your answers to the questions will show your teacher how much you already know about reading and determine which books are displayed on your bookshelf.

Answering these questions will show your teacher what level of books you should start reading. The questions may get harder as you get further into the assessment, but stick with it! When you finish answering all of the questions, you are awarded 25 stars to use in the LevelUp Land  game.

In addition to the stars, you will be given a Lexile number. This number shows how much you already know about reading, and it will help your teacher decide what kind of books to focus on as you begin to explore LevelUp. You might notice that your Lexile number changes as you read more books and take more quizzes. This shows that you’re learning more about reading! 

When you’ve finished the intake assessment and received your LevelUp Land stars and Lexile number, click OK to go to your personalized bookshelf.

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