Lexile Assessments

Lexile Assessments

The Lexile Assessments page allows you to toggle student assessments on and off, see at a glance when students last completed an assessment, and trigger new reading level assessments when needed. (See below for important considerations before triggering an assessment.)

The left-most column lists each student in your classroom. You can edit assessment settings for individual students or select the checkboxes next to multiple students’ names to change the settings in a single action.

The Lexile column lists the student’s current Lexile measure. If a “ ” appears instead of a Lexile measure, that student hasn’t completed an in-take assessment. If “N/A” appears, Lexile assessments have been disabled for the student (see below for more information).

Click “In-take/progress monitoring” in the Assessments On/Off column to enable or disable a student’s Lexile assessments. When you disable assessments, a message appears notifying you that doing so will result in the student not receiving in-take or progress monitoring assessments. LevelUp will no longer track the student’s reading level progress or suggest books in a targeted range based on his or her individual Lexile measure:

A confirmation message appears when you disable assessments:

You can re-enable in-take and progress monitoring assessments for a student at any time. Any previous Lexile progress data is preserved by LevelUp and remains available in Reports even when assessments are disabled. When assessments have been re-enabled, LevelUp determines whether a student has read enough to warrant a new progress monitoring assessment, so there is no need for the teacher to trigger an assessment in such instances.
Note that wherever user Lexile measures are shown on LevelUp, “N/A” appears for a student whose assessments have been disabled. Examples include in the Roster, in Reports, and on the page for assigning a book.

The Date of Last Assessment column lists when a student completed his or her latest assessment, if applicable. If a student has not completed an assessment in a long time, it may be because the student has not read enough on LevelUp to meet the criteria for receiving an assessment. Or, it may mean that a student has been assigned an assessment but has not yet completed it.

The two options under the ••• button in the last column let you force a new progress monitoring or in-take assessment for a student:

Manually triggering a progress monitoring assessment is rarely necessary. LevelUp automatically assesses students when they meet certain criteria — specifically, if two weeks have passed since their last assessment, and enough reading has been done to justify an assessment. Manually triggering a new in-take assessment for a student is also rarely necessary or advised, since doing so will completely overwrite the student’s existing Lexile measure and impact the data that appears in Reports.

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