Using Your Personalized Bookshelf

Using Your Personalized Bookshelf

The personalized bookshelf is your LevelUp homepage. From now on, every time you log in to LevelUp you are taken to this page. The icons at the top of this page make up the LevelUp bookshelf toolbar. This is also where you can search for books by title or topic.
LevelUp bookshelf toolbar
Your bookshelf is filled with many small pictures that show the covers of the books that have been chosen for your reading level. The text underneath each picture tells you the name of the book, what its reading level is, and whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Use this information to decide which book you’d like to read, and click the cover image to open it and start reading. 

There are over 2,000 books on LevelUp, but don’t feel overwhelmed. The books on your bookshelf have been sorted into different categories, such as “Arts and Crafts,” ”Science,” ”Sports and Fun,” “Civics and My Community,” and others to help you find one that you want to read. 

Your teacher might also assign a book for you to read or a running record assessment to take. You can find that book or assessment on the row labeled “My Assignments.” If you start to read a book but don’t finish it, or if you leave a book before taking the quiz at the end, the book will be moved to the row called “Continue Reading.” You’ll be able to find it there next time you log in to LevelUp. Running records must be completed once you start them, so they will not appear in “Continue Reading.”

If you really like a book, or if you think you might want to read it again sometime, click the heart that appears beneath it to save it to your favorites. You can then click the My Favorites icon in the LevelUp bookshelf toolbar to open a page that shows all the books you’ve chosen as favorites.

Click the icon labeled My Report in the LevelUp bookshelf toolbar to open a page that shows more about all your LevelUp activity.

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